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Azienda Sanitaria Locale N.2 Savonese

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Savona – Italy


Azienda Sanitaria Locale N.2 Savonese (ASL2) is a public healthcare provider, which is included in the Regional Public Health System in the Liguria region. The function of ASL2 is to guarantee the protection of health as the right of citizens.  ASL2 ensures treatment, clinical welfare and social healthcare to all people who turn to its carriers. Health promotion, appropriate prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and interventions, which are guaranteed at the essential and specialist level of assistance, are consolidated at the national, regional and local levels.

ASL2 maintains the highest standards of quality and efficiency. It promotes and supports the guidelines of national and regional health planning initiatives aimed at fostering innovation and research in public health. It also actively encourages collaboration with public and private entities. In these efforts, ASL2 supports the transfer of scientific knowledge and results into clinical practice and healthcare management.


ASL2 contribution focuses on defining triage protocols, damage control and pre-hospitalisation processes. It participates in tasks that elaborate overarching mass casualty scenarios and formulate requirements and future needs of technologies and tools for emergency medical response.

ASL2 supports efforts of upgrading triage and provides input on field data analysis and training. In addition, ASL2 is involved in integration testing and validation of developed tools and user familiarisation with them. Finally, Asl2 supports communication and dissemination efforts of the project by participating in workshops, conferences, seminars and DEMOs.