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Cittadinanzattiva – Active Citizenship Network

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Rome – Italy


Cittadinanzattiva APS is a non-profit organisation founded in 1978. Its main objectives are the promotion of civic participation and protection of citizens’ rights in Italy and Europe. It considers citizens as a fundamental resource for democracy who should play a more active role in society. For these reasons, Cittadinanzattiva works to empower citizens to assert and defend their fundamental rights and to involve citizens in the care of the common goods in the fields of health and wellness, consumption, energy, mobility, school education, justice, corporate and social responsibility issues.

We are convinced that “Being citizens is the best way to be them”. It means that the action of citizens, who are aware of their powers and responsibilities, is a way to improve democracy, protect rights and promote the daily care of common goods. In 2001 Cittadinanzattiva established its European and international branch called “ACN-Active Citizenship Network”. It is an open and flexible network of citizens’ organisations that works in 30 European countries and abroad to promote civic activism, participation in the political arena, and the protection of citizens’ rights.

Cittadinanzattiva has developed a specific approach to the issue of participation and active involvement of the populations affected by disastrous and risky phenomena with the primary focus on local development and initiatives. The entire community has the capability to start effective projects of modernization using solutions that respect the real needs and real desires of the community itself.

Boosting citizens’ action and their direct involvement in the territories where they live not only stimulates individual and collective creativity but also allows to focus the attention on the public goods and activities.


Cittadinanzattiva plays active part in three work packages facilitating the connection with citizens and patients’ organisations, bringing their point of view with the aim of creating tools and solutions that meet the needs and possibilities of citizens. Cittadinanzattiva will actively engage its network both in Italy and other European countries.

Its European Active Citizenship Network will dedicate itself to involving organisations and networks from all European countries. Cittadinanzattiva contributes to the analysis and identification of solutions which enhance and foster effective engagement of the general public in emergency response. Finally, Cittadinanzattiva is actively involved in testing and validation of developed tools and supports communication and dissemination of project results.