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Astrial light

Berlin – Germany


ASTRIAL GmbH is developing integrated Geospatial Command & Control solutions for security and public safety applications for police, coast guard, emergency medical services, civil protection and fire and rescue operations, critical public infrastructure protection, transportation security and border monitoring. With core technology built on open standards, ASTRIAL offers a range of mission critical enterprise solutions empowering governments and businesses around the world to make better and faster operational decisions.

Its product line includes C3I enterprise software packages that respond to different operational requirements of public safety and security agencies such as Operational Resources Tracking, Incident Management and Dispatch, Physical Security Information Management and Natural &Technological Hazards Crisis Management. The common goal is to provide effective decision support, to simplify operations, to provide situation awareness, a common operational picture and collaboration tools across organisations, to collect and disseminate data in the field and to coordinate response units and system users.

ASTRIAL’s products are already used in 24×7 operational environments in the frame of several large-scale commercial projects such as the C4I System of Qatar (2006-2007), the C4I System of Greece (2007-2008) and the nationwide Hellenic Fire Brigade IMS/CAD system (2013-2014).


ASTRIAL is the NIGHTINGALE Technical Coordinator of capitalising on extensive experience of participating in several projects funded by the European Commission. ASTRIAL is responsible for the technical oversight, integration assurance and risk management procedures. Based on the product portfolio and the experience of developing, deploying and advancing C2/IMS and Common Operational Picture software solutions, ASTRIAL’s main focus is on conveying operational information in the Augmented Reality devices and on the development of the multi-agency incident management system and the C2 system.

In addition, ASTRIAL contributes to the development of triage components, field data analysis and preparation for AI training. As a technical partner, ASTRIAL is actively involved in integration, testing, field validation of the developed solutions and user familiarisation with them.