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Madrid – Spain

CESTEL, founded in 1988 with Spanish capital and headquartered in Madrid, leads the way in integrated communication solutions for Mission Critical Systems. Specialising in cutting-edge technologies, we offer advanced recording systems featuring Watermarking, Voice Biometrics, Transcription, and IVR Systems with Voice Bots powered by Natural Language Processing and A.I. CESTEL’s expertise extends to Next Generation systems for 112, including NGecall and PEMEA infrastructure, guaranteeing compliance and efficiency. Committed to their clients’ market advancement, CESTEL continually leverage technology to drive innovation.


In NIGHTINGALE, CESTEL focuses on the development of a platform which improves coordination between first responders, volunteers and public safety answering point (PSAP), based on the user requirements. In leading this task, CESTEL works on creating interoperability protocols for sharing emergency information, which is useful for first responders in a specific area.

The task aims at improving coordination between the emergency services, volunteers, and PSAPs by upgrading communication technology. To overcome eventual PSAP overload, a situation awareness component is being developed within the project. It is capable to process multimedia data streams, present the overall emergency situation, and identify critical individual requests, using fused texts and image processing based on natural language processing, machine learning and proprietary algorithms.

CESTEL also contributes to other technical tasks, including integration testing, validation, and user familiarisation with the developed tools.