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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

TREE Technology

Madrid – Spain


TREE Technology SA is a Spanish R&D-performing SME providing information and communication technology solutions based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for different sectors and markets, such as healthcare, safety and security, finance, public bodies, cultural heritage, energy, space, industry, and transport.

TREE works within an open innovation model to provide customers with advanced ICT solutions helping to optimise processes and business. R&D activities are key to the company business model in assessing the maturity of emerging technologies, gathering new and differential knowledge, and identifying strategic partners to create new business opportunities.

The R&D unit works on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data integrating emerging technologies as part of the Smart Data ecosystem. Machine learning, computer vision, cognitive systems, distributed scalable computing, and visual analytics occupy relevant positions among the company’s research lines. TREE provides expertise in market-oriented R&D projects which have succeeded in reaching the market.

Tree Technology SA commercialises products and services under the brand name of Tree-logic ( As a company specialising in data processing-based solutions, TREE provides data science solutions to clients in different sectors. TREE works in the healthcare sector offering several technology solutions, such as emergency room, primary care, triage (SET,, and specialist care solutions.


TREE’s contribution to NIGHTINGALE builds on the developed solutions in software development, Big Data and AI. TREE participates in several tasks which aim at upgrading triage and pre-hospitalisation processes by boosting situational awareness, enhancing sense-making capability, and increasing collaboration among first responders with the use of AI applications and machine learning.

Based on the previous vast experience in software development and system integration, TREE also participates in the task which aims to create an innovative Common Operation Picture which can be shared across multiple agencies and actors involved in emergency response.

TREE is also actively involved in other tasks that contribute to the development of technological solutions in NIGHTINGALE. Finally, TREE participates in communication, dissemination, and exploitation activities, data management and in the overall project planning.