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Universitat Politècnica de València

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Valencia – Spain


The Universitat Politècnica de València (UPVLC) is a dynamic, innovative public institution, dedicated to research and teaching. UPVLC is comprised 15 centres. Today, over 42 000 members are part of its academic community: 37 800 of these are students, 2600 are teachers and 1700 are administrative staff. UPVLC contribution to NIGHTINGALE comes from the Distributed Real Time Systems Lab at the Communications Department, one of the key UPVLC departments in terms of research projects development.

The Distributed Real Time Systems Lab has extensive expertise in the following research areas: Friendly Force Tracking systems design and development, distance learning systems, training systems based on virtual and mixed reality development, video surveillance systems design and development and systems integration.

The Distributed Real Time Systems Lab has developed SIMACOP system which has been acquired by the Spanish army as the official Friendly Force Tracking system in 2009, and it has been fully deployed in Afghanistan, Mali and Lebanon. UPVLC has also developed the NATO Counter Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) Advanced Distance Learning system and their operational training program based on virtual reality environment.


UPVLC leads the task on developing technological solutions for upgrading triage with the overarching objective of making them fully connected, integrated and providing accurate and reliable information on the affected persons and helping to identify them. UPVLC contributes to developing conceptual design of every solution, considering components integration and interconnection, their wearability and portability. It is also heavily involved in the development and prototyping of the novel triage system.

Based on the significant experience and participation in similar projects, UPVLC also leads the task on field data analysis and preparation for AI training. UPVLC participates in all other technical tasks, including integration testing and validation of the developed tools and user familiarisation with them.