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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Leonardo S.p.A.

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Rome – Italy


Leonardo is one of the world’s top ten players in Aerospace, Defence and Security. The company is a trusted long-term partner of choice for governments, institutions and private customers, delivering cutting-edge and dual-use technologies. The Cyber Security Division will carry out Leonardo’s activities in the NIGHTINGALE project.

With experience in information technology, physical and cyber security and transportation markets, the Cyber Security Division generates synergies by joining its expertise, processes and technology across these areas. Competitive solutions and services, including integrated systems, are available for critical infrastructure protection and for the security of major events.

Integrated networks and secure communications enable reliable and efficient information management. These are ideally suited for civil protection agencies and emergency services.


Leonardo heavily focuses on the development of the Rapid and Wide Area Triage Services in the air and on the ground. It supports the field data analysis and preparation for AI-enabled training.

As a technical partner, Leonardo is involved in defining the technical requirements and the architecture of the systems, providing input on the validation protocol, KPIs and plan as well as on deployment specifications and ruggedisation of developed solutions in NIGHTINGALE.

In addition, Leonardo actively participates in integration testing of the developed solutions and user familiarisation with them. Leonardo also undertakes the role of the Innovation Manager of NIGHTINGALE and as such will develop the Exploitation plan and the Business Strategy defining the innovation and exploitation potential of the project.