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Swedish Defence Research Agency

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Stockholm – Sweden


FOI, the Swedish Defence Research Agency, is one of Europe’s leading research institutes in defence and security. FOI operates across the full range of defence and security issues and conducts security policy analyses and assessments of various types of threat.

FOI is a leader in underwater research and in research on energetic materials. FOI develops decision support systems and systems where people, technology and organisations interact.

FOI also works in aeronautics, cyber security, radar, laser and other sensor systems, as well as in protection against hazardous materials.


FOI’s main contribution is to develop the Rapid Triaging and Documentation System (RTDS) drone. Within this task, FOI is developing the platform of RTDS that can autonomously detect persons, navigate to the vicinity of affected persons and acquire high-quality multi-sensor data to enable subsequent assessment of the status of the victims.

In addition, FOI contributes to the data analysis functionality of RTDS using machine learning to extract vital parameters and essential information of injured persons from collected sensor data. FOI also participates in integration testing and user familiarisation of the developed solutions.