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Responder Technology Cluster

In March 2023, the NIGHTINGALE project has joined the initiative to establish a Responder Technology Cluster together with eight DRS02-related projects working on disaster resilient technologies for first responders.

Project name Project website
The First Responder (FR) of the Future: A Next Generation Integrated Toolkit (NGIT) for Collaborative Response, increasing protection and augmenting operational capacity INGENIOUS
First responder-centred support toolkit for operating in adverse and infrastructure-less environments RESCUER
Medical First Responder Training using a Mixed Reality Approach featuring haptic feedback for enhanced realism MED1stMR
Team Awareness Enhanced with Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality TeamAware
Pathogen Contamination Emergency Response Technologies PathoCERT
Intelligent Toolkit for Reconnaissance and Assessment in Perilous Incidents INTREPID
Search and Rescue: Emerging technologies for the Early location of Entrapped victims under Collapsed Structures and Advanced Wearables for risk assessment and First Responders Safety in SAR operations Search and Rescue     
Next-generation equipment tools and mission-critical strategies for First Responders RESPOND-A