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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Centre for Research and Training in Disaster Medicine, Humanitarian Aid and Global Health

Novara – Italy


CRIMEDIM is a university-wide academic centre that conducts research, education and training in the field of disaster medicine and humanitarian health. The centre is committed to promoting innovative research projects and to fostering learning and training programmes using state of the art technologies to enhance the resilience of health systems in emergencies, disasters and humanitarian crises. Its vision is to make health systems able to effectively protect people’s health from disasters and humanitarian crises, saving lives, minimizing deaths, injuries, disabilities and human suffering with competent and professional workforce.

CRIMEDIM works to enhance the resilience of health systems in emergencies, disasters and humanitarian crises through increasing the knowledge, skills and attitudes of health workers based on scientific evidence and field experience at local, national and international levels.


CRIMEDIM leads WP1: Practitioners Needs & Toolkit Architecture and Design. As such, it plays a key role in defining the requirements and operating principles that will allow the NIGHTINGALE toolkit to be designed based on the real needs of first responders and on the scientific evidence.

CRIMEDIM’s accumulated knowledge of research on emergency and disaster response and its extensive practical experience on the field are instrumental in providing input on the development of field data analysis and triage digital scenario engine. Taking advantage of the special equipment and experience that CRIMEDIM has for mimicking field scenarios, it plays a central role in conducting small-scale and full-scale exercises in the NIGHTINGALE project.

CRIMEDIM is also actively involved in integration testing, validation of the developed tools and user familiarisation with them.